Friday, March 4, 2016

World Book Day

Look at all the strange and wonderful book characters who came to school for World Book Day!
Kacper is Batman

Jamie is The Hulk

Laoise is Nanny McPhee

Aoife is Dorothy

Odrhran is Steve from Minecraft

Amina is Elsa

Harry is Spiderman

Ronan is from Starwars

Aimee is Mary Poppins

Aisling is Sydney Lee

Vivienne is Matilda

Lauren is Gabrielle from High School Musical

Enda is Captain Hook

Charlie is Dennis the Menace

Adam is Indiana Jones

Hubert is Spiderman

Nicole is the Sleeping Beauty

Mai is a Ballerina

Ainis is a policeman

Ciara is the Puppy Fairy

Zoe is a Pirate from Peter Pan

Cody is Batman

Rebecca is Cinderella

Ruairi is a Storm Trooper

Finn is a Football Player

Danielle is Elsa

Finn is a Football Player

Szymon is a pirate

Clodagh is Aurora

Chloe is a fairy

Oisin is Darth Vader

Evan is the Hulk


Anonymous said...

You all look brilliant! (From Aimee's mum)

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